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Don't Just Share Your vCard. Create The Great First Impression
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Digital vCards helps you grow digitally through various Digital Products for marketing - Digital vCards, Digital Brochures, Digital Videos, Lead Funnel Automation and Website Designing.

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Digital Vcards

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Digital Vcards
Don't Just Share Your vCard. Create The Great First Impression.

Digital vCard is one of the innovative way to share your personal and business details with your prospect by just using your Mobile Phone. Want to share your business details? Take out your phone, type the name and mobile number of your recipient and done! You have reached your prospect directly into their WhatsApp, SMS or Email whatever you want. Not only this, you can manage the list of people with whom you have shared your Digital vCard.

Nurture your leads automatically using the Email/ Sms Automation. So Don't just share your visiting card, but create the great first impression and put your brand in your prospects mind.

Solutions We Offer

Digital vCards
Interactive Digital vCards with advanced options to management the list of people with whom you have shared the Digital vCard.
Digital Brochures
Clickable Digital Brochures to Convey your message more beautiful and strategically to your audience. For more visit -
Website Designing
Beautiful ,strategic and mobile friendly website to engage your audience and convert your cold traffic to leads.
SMS Automation
Automate your leads with drip SMS campaigns, You can create segment and trigger that particular SMS to that lead thru SMS automation.
Email Automation
Automate your Emails as per segment thru automation. Nature your leads day by day. For more click the link below.
Digital Video
Digital vCards has introduced Digital Videos for marketing your products, services and Business growth of the Company. We have a wide range of digitally designed video for all your business needs. For more Details Visit - Explode Your Traffic & Sales for your Business.

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